Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump


  • The latest addition to the Lansinoh family of pumps uses Bluetooth technology to connect seamlessly to the Lansinoh Baby App, giving moms the opportunity to track pumping sessions, baby’s activities and more, helping to simplify the routines that come with being a new mom.
  • A hygienic closed system design keeps breastmilk from backing up into the motor or tubing to help prevent mold and bacteria. It can be used as a double electric pump or single electric pump.
  • Lansinoh’s breastpump provides time-saving pumping efficiency without causing pain or discomfort. Three customizable pumping styles and eight different suction levels allow selection of the perfect settings for comfort and maximum milk production. It’s perfect for busy moms.
  • Moms can also pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags with the use of any Lansinoh pump to save precious breastmilk and time.
  • Lansinoh electric breast pumps work well with pumping bras from Simple Wishes. Available in 2 sizes: XS-L and L-Plus.


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Smartpump Key Features

Closed System

A hygienic closed system guarantees that breastmilk will not back up in the tubing or motor of the pump, helping to prevent mold & bacteria, ensuring the protection and reducing pump cleaning time.


Babies and Moms are all different. That is why Lansinoh’s breastpumps offer three customizable pumping styles and eight adjustable suction levels, allowing moms to match their babies’ natural feeding patterns and helping them to maximize milk production

Quick & Clean Assemble

Lansinoh breastpumps have fewer parts for easy assembling and cleaning. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are 100% BPA and BPS free.

A smarter way to pump!

  • Automatically tracks the date, time and duration of pumping sessions. A simple touch screen tracks the amount of breastmilk pumped at each session.
  • View pumping history and trends and download to share with healthcare providers and caregivers.
  • Tips and resources provide information, tracking for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and diapers, trouble shooting, encouragement and more.


  • Do I have to wait for the full stimulation phase, or can I skip ahead? A mom can go into the expression phase before the two-minutes is up by pushing the stimulation/expression toggle button or she can await an automatic switchover at the 2 minute mark.
  • How long does the stimulation (let-down) phase last? 2 minutes.
  • What if I lose suction while pumping? Check the white valves and replace as necessary with the spare set that comes with the pump. These become worn over time.
  • What if I’m not getting enough suction from the beginning? Generally, this is due to the flange not fitting properly. Check flange fit, and ensure it is not too big or too small.
  • What is the battery life on your pump like? The pump will run for approximately 2 hours. Generally, you should get about 10 pumping sessions out of one set of batteries. The LCD screen has a battery power indicator that will show you approximately how much battery power you have left. If batteries are in the pump, but your AC adapter is in use, the pump will use the AC adapter to power the pump. For the most economical use, we recommend using the pump with the AC adapter that has been provided with the pump.
  • Is there a rechargeable battery on your pump? No, and we do not recommend using rechargeable batteries.
  • Are your pumps multi-user? Our Lansinoh pumps are registered with the FDA as single user breast pumps, and are not intended to be used by multiple moms.

What’s in the box?

  • Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump base unit.
  • 4 5oz Lansinoh Bottles.
  • 2 Breast Flange Bodies.
  • 4 Storage Caps.
  • 2 Feeding Collars.
  • 2 Standard ComfortFit™ flanges (25mm).
  • 2 Large ComfortFit™ flanges (30.5mm).
  • 2 Lansinoh NaturalWave Nipples and caps.
  • 2 Bottle stands.
  • 2 extra valves.
  • 3 Connection tubes and tubing connectors.
  • Tote bag.
  • Cooler bag with ice pack.
  • AC adapter.
  • Pump manual with everything you need to know to get started.


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